March 01, 2012
Slow Cooker To Go!

Slow Cooker
You love your slow cooker so much, you wish you could take it with you everywhere.

But you realize that just might be a little over the top.

A more reasonable choice for a tagalong is its smaller, more portable cousin, the Crock-Pot Lunch Crock.

So cute. So small. And oh-so-handy. The 20-ounce Lunch Crock is the perfect traveling companion for taking last night's slow-cooked dinner to work for your midday meal.

Just fill it with leftovers, screw on the lid snugly and head out. A little bit before you're ready to eat, plug in the crock to let the food warm up.

The unit, available in pink, red, black and blue, comes with a removable food storage container, which is dishwasher-safe (so is the lid). For storage convenience, the cord wraps around the base.

It's your little lunchtime companion.
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