September 22, 2011
Shake Your Way to Better Salad Dressings

Vinaigrette Shaker
Everything's coming together perfectly.

The oil's jiving with the vinegar, the herbs are blending in nicely and the mustard's adding the perfect accent.

This salad dressing's going to rock. And it's all because of the Vinaigrette Shaker.

Although only 6 inches tall, the shaker's got the power to completely mix and emulsify dressings, marinades, powdered drink mixes and more. The key is the stainless steel whisking ball, which is allowed to roam the jar when it's shaken and work its magic.

Other bells and whistles include volume markings on the container so you can measure right in it and a pouring spout with a large enough opening to allow herbs and other chopped food to pass through. The shaker even comes with recipes to make things easy.

The hardest decision you'll have to make is which color to choose, red or black.

Your salad dressings will never be the same again.
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